We all need a little help to stay woke. Here is where you’ll find thoughtful posts and useful links, tips, statistics, articles, and resources related to social justice issues nationally and globally.  In the words of my twelfth grade science teacher, “Ignorance is the enemy.” And in the words of my Father, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge:…“. Though the scripture (Hosea 4:6) is specifically talking about not knowing God (and still rings true), we see the destructive results of lack of knowledge all around us – from policies that disproportionately negatively impact the poor and minorities to the ill- or misinformed people that defend them.

Caffeinated Living was created and is curated to be a place where you can gather information, understand something a little better, hear a different perspective that may stir up compassion for those who are suffering, a place where you can grab your tea or your coffee, put your feet up for a moment, and find a voice that resonates with your own experience.

So, enjoy what nuggets you find here! And if you hear of a good resource, article, release of data that you think should be here, hit me up on Twitter @WokeLiving or share it to the Facebook group Caffeinated Living, ooor you can always fill out the Contact form in the tab at the top, and let me know what you got!

Love God & Stay Woke, folks!