My Response To A Black Woman Who Posted #AllLivesMatter

So, just kickin’ it in my Facebook feed when I see this:


Deep. Sigh.

Posted by a Black Woman.

Very. Deep. Sigh.

A Christian whom I love.

Painfully. Deep. Sigh.

I saw it and said stuff to myself like, “Don’t say anything,” “Leave her be,” “You gotta let people be the people they’re determined to be.”

I found the strength to keep scrolling.

Then I scrolled back up.

Though I fear I may have just talked myself out of that invite to her house for a fresh fried fish dinner, I commented. More than the loss of fried fish, her post hurt. Well, not specifically her post, but the cognizance that there are so many Christians and Black folks thinking, saying, encouraging ideas like the one in that meme.

She already had four likes on her post, which made me even sadder, even more disappointed, because I know a lot of her FB friends are White Christians from a church I have attended.

So, I commented, and here’s what I said:


And if ever one of your beautiful brown boys is killed by an officer like countless others, and no one held responsible, you can be sure it will be the Black Lives Matter movement that will speak out for your son just like they speak out for murdered White sons. All Lives Matter people, however, have always and will remain silent no matter the color of the victim. Murder is sin no matter who commits it. And as much as we love and forgive, it is a statistical fact that police are killing unarmed Black people at an alarming rate that far, far exceeds police killings of Whites in similar circumstances for things as small as traffic violations or walking in a neighborhood. Black Lives Matter says that is wrong and must change. And God would agree. Because God doesn’t care if the murderer wears a badge, and he loves your brown boys just as much as any white boy, and doesn’t want these things happening to them. Love you, sis and praying for the safety of your brown boys as well as mine.

Intensely. Deep. Sigh.

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