Stay Woke

For those who may not know or understand, allow me to define the colloquialism, “woke”:

woke /wōk/ adj.
1. to be of a conscious mind
2. to be aware of and oppose inequality, injustice, or oppression, and the sociopolitical systems that birthed and do maintain them.        

(Ha! Not bad, huh? If anyone reading this has Oxford Dictionary connections, put in a good word for me. 😉 )

Social Justice. Faith. Race. Inequality. Poverty. Policy. History. Womanism. Feminism. Intersectionality. It’s complex. It’s messy. And yet, so often, it’s not nearly as complicated as some folks like to believe.

Whatever opinions you have, let them be based on factual information – data, actual recordings, research, credible sources and articles that reference real statistics. Let’s do what we can to know better and do better. This page is here to help you out with that. Peruse the links and resources below!



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